Cartoon Anatomy Poses! Part 3 Tutorial


Hiya! Welcome to another video! It is a bit late for the 1s video of the year but here it is! Here's another video for drawing poses! This is a continuation ...


  1. Posted by teddybear22goode, — Reply

    Hey guys, I know these things are annoying af but I made a board called “Drawing Tips” and it has tons of anatomy, outfit ideas, and such and it’s been rlly helpful for myself so if any other artists wanted to use it that’d be awesome

  2. Posted by carmenaholmquist, — Reply

    Hi guys, I love editing photos and making the beautiful. If you want just send me one of your pictures and tell me what you want done, filters, borders, anything!!! Goes for pets and well. Just use the Pinterest texting, no need to give away personal info!! FREE!!!!!!!

  3. Posted by PeridotRulez, — Reply

    I use a Wacom Intus but I am about to get a pro! The software I use is called clip studio paint and if you get the Wacom intus you clip studio paint for free!

  4. Posted by alibaevaa274, — Reply

    The poses are kinda stiff,, I reccomend using more curves and triangles on the arms and knees! Overall, great reference!:)

  5. Posted by TheHolyestGuacamole, — Reply

    Dammit how come everybody has digital art... I wish, but I’m too dam broke!!!

  6. Posted by Cherry_sundae_, — Reply

    This can help me sooooo much!! OMG!! You don't know how grateful I am to have found this!!!!!

  7. Posted by BasicallyMichaelMell, — Reply

    When I saw this I immediately thought of Uraraka

  8. Posted by PeridotRulez, — Reply

    I had to make the legs cut off a bit 👉👈 sorry if anyone was a little confused

  9. Posted by camilaarrietadiaz, — Reply

    hey can someone tell me how to make hands and feet! I really don't know how...

  10. Posted by alinan2027, — Reply

    Знаете такое слово... «Построение»... Советую узнать!

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