Can You Relate *Random Editon*


Random Relatable posts I like. The Ending results are nothing. Just ignore them.


  1. Posted by fbobsled, — Reply

    yeah but a grenade doesn't have eight furry legs crawling towards you with unwavering courage and malice........oooh idea for a new weapon.

  2. Posted by ramonagutierrez58395, — Reply

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  3. Posted by brinleetru4221, — Reply

    There’s three levels of being afraid of spiders •not scared at all •scared enough where you wanna kill it •so scared you don’t even wanna get close enough to kill it

  4. Posted by hanbadre, — Reply

    who else sketched a spider grenade after reading this.

  5. Posted by leahmebratu, — Reply

    It’s like how an elephant is scare of a mouse 😂🐘🐭 THEY JUST ARE!!😂

  6. Posted by thisusernamebettanotbetaken, — Reply

    hehehe Ariana Grenade

  7. Posted by aishaahassan77, — Reply

    i swear to god i get mad when people say that the spider is smaller

  8. Posted by 2giselle2, — Reply

    Oh wait renegade 😂😂

  9. Posted by wroblewskitaylor, — Reply

    YES, LOL

  10. Posted by silv3rknight65, — Reply


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