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  1. Posted by kesjac, — Reply

    Hey! I’ve been working really hard on my boards. I’m sooo close to 50 followers and I would appreciate it so much if you followed☺️ follow for follow 💜💜💜

  2. Posted by natalievolleyball17, — Reply

    me and my best friend are both new to Pinterest and are having a competiton to see who can get 1k first! go follow:)plz and thanks

  3. Posted by AuddrinaT23, — Reply

    Hello everyone I would love it if you could check out my account and follow me I am trying to reach 1k plz help me reach my goal

  4. Posted by eae1230, — Reply

    I know you see a lot of these but I would really appreciate it if you would check out my profile and maybe give it a follow. I have worked really hard on it and if you leave a comment on any of my comments for a recommendation I will happily except it you can also leave a recommendation for my boards. Thank you

  5. Posted by itsslaurynn, — Reply

    hey everyone! i would love if you could check out my acc and follow :) trying to reach 700!

  6. Posted by I_am_king_and_queen, — Reply

    her tan looks like she ate too many carrots

  7. Posted by maggiemunier, — Reply

    how do you get this filter?

  8. Posted by Suditiiii, — Reply

    Check out my boards! Thanks (: xo

  9. Posted by avaxlovee, — Reply

    @yourmothernotgae3 of course 💕

  10. Posted by itsarianagrandex, — Reply

    Hey 👋🏽 I would like 1k too

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