37 Amusing Memes That Are Sure To Entertain The Procrastinators


37 Amusing Memes That Are Sure To Entertain The Procrastinators - Funny memes that "GET IT" and want you to too. Get the latest funniest memes and keep up what is going on in the meme-o-sphere.


  1. Posted by abigailplunk, — Reply

    SAME like if my mom tells me to clean my room then I shut the door and get on my phone or just stare at a wall and think how I rlly don't want to be in my room cleaning

  2. Posted by sammiecer, — Reply

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  3. Posted by plooot, — Reply

    I am procrastinating cleaning at this exact moment. I'm not kidding. Mildly upset Pinterest is calling me out on it haha.

  4. Posted by Gottaluvtaetae, — Reply

    I watch videos of people when messer rooms than mine cleaning their rooms. And I just think about how much of a better person I’ll feel like when my room is clean and how much my mood will be lifted

  5. Posted by dass2347, — Reply

    Actually I always do that when my mom tells me to clean. I stop and sit there and stare at the wall. Or sometimes I do that while I'm playing a game on a device, I stop playing and stare at the screen(not day dreaming) then after that I start playing again 🤣

  6. Posted by bookthief, — Reply

    Hey guys, this is random but I need some meme help! Does anyone know what you refer to or call the meme where it will show the original lyrics/phrase, then it will show a really complicated version of it with a drawing of the original clip or picture, and then the last stage is just a really regressed picture with an advanced complicated version of the original image?

  7. Posted by Tay13slays, — Reply

    Ahhhhhh.....I shud clean my shelf and I thought I'd do it 2day...after reading this meme I'm just gotta do it tomorrow

  8. Posted by EmilySmithStark, — Reply

    That's was me yesterday But when I do wanna clean everyone is home and in the way or making more of a mess

  9. Posted by avaleighbell, — Reply

    That’s me on some days. But hey, what can i say sometimes i’m highly motivated about doing absolutely nothing.

  10. Posted by reganhendrickson, — Reply

    This is me literally right now. Like I’m browsing Pinterest instead of of cleaning my room and doing laundry

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