25 Jokes That'll Make Anxious People Laugh And Laugh And Laugh


"How's life?" "Very hard."


  1. Posted by crystalfox987, — Reply

    Me when I forget the names of the Starbucks cup sizes so I say something stupid like big boy cup or midget cup and instantly regret it after

  2. Posted by samarahlopez, — Reply

    Like when it’s your turn to order at the restaurant and you beg your mom to say it for you so you don’t have to while your dad tells you to get over it and makes you order it yourself while your face turns red in front of the counter person when all you had to say was “jr burger meal” and walk away.

  3. Posted by smith24emma, — Reply

    Like having to go go into a store and get something or ask for something and your mom isn’t their and you have social anxiety

  4. Posted by carmentaber0053, — Reply

    This reminds me of being at a Mexican restaurant and only being able to say “I don’t speak spanish” IN SPANISH.

  5. Posted by lovebirds40, — Reply

    and when they’re things u can’t do ur like: yeah I can handle that

  6. Posted by hey_its_ac, — Reply

    hey guys, i've been working hard on my boards and i'd really appreciate it if you followed me.

  7. Posted by piqipeg, — Reply

    Depression will do that to you...

  8. Posted by alymarie2005, — Reply

    Pretty sure everyone looking back at that one moment in life

  9. Posted by labaar, — Reply

    That was like me yesterday trying to pull my second to last tooth.

  10. Posted by Awesomebaker20, — Reply

    Me when stressing: 1+6 = 8

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